Smith Counseling Centres are private community counseling centres conveniently located in Berkley and Warren, Michigan

Anyone may need private Counseling/therapy at a difficult time in his/her life. Counseling is a process whereby, through open and honest communications with a credentialed professional, individuals/couples/families learns to better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. To facilitate this process, INDIVIDUAL, CON-JOINT, and/or FAMILY counseling sessions can be made available on a regular basis. Each individual/couple/family needs are assessed and determined at an initial interview. A treatment plan is then arranged by both counselor and client.

All counseling services at SCC are CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with Federal Confidentiality Rules & Regulations. A Case supervisor may have access to all files. Supervision by a licensed clinical and/or professional counselor may be maintained to assure the best possible treatment for clients.

Any information requested by the Criminal Justice System, relatives or other authorities MUST have the prior consent of the client before the information can be released.

SCC specializes in the treatment of the Repeat Drunk driver. SCC facilitates the Criminal justice system from the arrest through Sentencing to Probation. Appeals to the Drivers License Appeal Board and/or Circuit Court are also facilitated. A therapist will appear at the DAAD and Circuit Court for additional, personal testimony.